De Twijfelaar | bistro with an art-inspired ambience | Bruges



*Fingerfood can only be served with an order of a main course

Mini beercroquettes 'Bruse Zot'


Nacho's, sin carne , sour cream, yogurt (vegi)


White sausage, apple 'Grany smith', mustard


Bruschetta with Corned Beef, homemade pickels sauce


Homemade fish strips, fresh tartar sauce


Main courses

Small sole (2), fresh salad, French fries


Baked noodles, hot vegetables, tofu (spicy)


Wok of chicken, noodles, hot vegetables, curry, coconut milk (spicy)


Steak, fresh salad, French fries, sauce of choice

€24,00 - gluten free available

Côte à l’ os (1 kg, for 2 people), French fries, sauce of choice

*Mushroom cream sauce | pepper cream sauce | baked mushrooms | herb butter
€32,00 p.p. - gluten free available

Fillet of skate (stingray), mashed potatoes, leek, mussel sauce

€24,00  - gluten free available

Small sole(3p) fresh salad, French fries

€26,00 - gluten free available

Americain (raw meat), fresh salad, French fries



Poké bowl, quinoa, bulgur, marinated vegetables, halloumi, tzatziki (vegi)


Salad with marinated salmon, goatcheese, beetroot


Cannelloni with ricotta cheese, spinache, mushrooms, dried ham


Hangar steak, herb butter, salad, chimichurri, hasselback potato


extra French fries/


First Courses

Soup of the day

€7 - gluten free available

Snails, garlic butter

 €13,00 - gluten free 

Tuna carpaccio, lime oil, fresh herbs


Veal tartare, crispy nori, cucumber sauce, wasabi